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Content Creation


Social media content creation refers to the process of developing and creating content specifically for social media platforms. This includes text, images, videos, and other multimedia formats that are designed to engage and attract users on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

To create effective social media content, it's important to understand the target audience and the platform's best practices and algorithms. This involves researching keywords and hashtags, creating visually appealing and relevant content, and optimizing it for maximum engagement and reach.

Social media content creation can help build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately increase conversions and sales. It's a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy, and requires a deep understanding of the audience and the platform.

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Service Pricing:


Keeping the brand alive socially by providing consumers with content

suited to your service.

  • 3 posts per week

  • All static images

  • Captions created

  • Hashtags standard

  • Delivered weekly

$100 / Month


Providing the consumers more

engaging content, with directed tags to reach your audience organically. 

$400 / Month

  • 4-5 posts per week

  • 2 motion graphic for video content

  • Captions created

  • Hashtags studied

  • Delivered weekly


Socials fully managed by us with all the pro features, but we do all the posting, networking, engaging and more.

$750 / Month

  • Pro package features

  • Community engagement 

  • Story posts 

  • Fully managed by us 

  • More time for your business

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